What are the characteristics of acid-resistant tiles?

Acid-resistant tiles are a particular ceramic type resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, and chemical erosion. They are usually used in places with high requirements for acid and alkali environments. This product is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, and metallurgy. , electric power, chemical fiber, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, food, dairy, juice, electroplating rooms, and anti-corrosion projects such as towers, pools, tanks, tanks, etc., and can exert corrosion resistance in underground sewers and open ground and other working places. The following are some introductions and characteristics of acid-resistant ceramic tiles:

acid-resistant tiles
acid-resistant brick

Characteristics of acid-resistant tiles

1 . The texture is more uniform

The production process of acid-resistant ceramic tiles is more refined and the texture is more uniform, ensuring their stability in highly corrosive environments.

2. Stronger acid resistance

Compared with ordinary acid-proof tiles, acid-resistant ceramic tiles have better acid resistance and can withstand more vital corrosive substances.

3. Beautiful and practical

Acid-proof bricks have a certain glossiness, which is not only practical in industrial environments but also takes into account aesthetics, making the working environment more pleasant.

acid proof bricks
acid proof bricks