Alumina Hollow Sphere Castable Introduction

Alumina hollow sphere castable is a high-temperature insulation material with a wide operating temperature range and can be used in high-temperature environments of 1600℃-1700℃.

Alumina hollow sphere castable introduction

Alumina hollow sphere lightweight castable has good high thermal resistance performance, mainly relying on the closed pores of the hollow sphere raw material and the pores in the product matrix to achieve high thermal resistance. When the porosity of the product is constant, the more dispersed the pores inside the product are, the smaller the pore diameter is, and the resistance to heat transmission inside the pores increases; at the same time, based on the principle of scattering, the resistance to phonon heat conduction and photon heat conduction increases, and the radiation heat transfer decreases.

alumina hollow ball castables
alumina hollow ball castables

Its main features are a high load softening temperature, good thermal insulation properties, and good thermal shock stability. In addition, alumina hollow ball castables are easy to construct and stable in use. They are ideal thermal insulation materials for carbon black reactors and high-temperature linings.

Advantages of alumina hollow ball castables

alumina bubble castables
alumina bubble castables
  1. Lightweight: The density of alumina hollow ball castable is light, so it can reduce the weight of the castable. This lightweight property makes alumina hollow ball castables widely used in construction, machinery, aerospace, and other fields.
  2. High strength: Alumina hollow ball castables have high strength and can withstand use in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. This high-strength performance makes alumina hollow ball castable an excellent refractory material, which is widely used in high-temperature furnaces, boilers, burners, and other equipment.
  3. Good fire resistance: The main component of alumina hollow ball castable is alumina, which has good fire resistance. In high-temperature environments, the castable is not easy to melt, expand and crack, and can maintain good physical properties.
  4. Strong corrosion resistance: Alumina hollow ball castables have good corrosion resistance in environments with corrosive gases such as acids and alkalis. It can ensure that chemical reactions do not easily occur in corrosive gas environments and maintain good physical properties.
  5. Good earthquake resistance: Alumina hollow ball castables have a compact structure and high strength, and can withstand large impacts and vibrations.

Application of alumina bubble castable

Applications include industrial kiln wall lining or high-temperature industrial kiln backing insulation, the integral casting of ladle baking covers, high-temperature pipe wall lining, furnace doors, fire holes, burner bricks, and other common and special-shaped prefabricated parts, etc.