Alumina Ceramic Crucible Shipped to UAE

Our company is a professional manufacturer of alumina ceramic crucibles, which are widely used in laboratories, chemistry, metallurgy, mining, and other industries. Recently, we have successfully established a cooperative relationship with an important customer in the UAE to provide them with a high-quality alumina ceramic crucible to meet their specific application needs.

Reasons for UAE customers to buy alumina ceramic crucibles

Alumina Ceramic Crucible
Alumina Ceramic Crucible

The client in the UAE is a research institution with considerable influence in the local area, focusing on the fields of materials science, chemical synthesis, and experimental analysis. In their laboratory work, they need to use ceramic crucibles with high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance for high-temperature heat treatment, sample preparation, sample analysis, etc. Alumina ceramic crucibles were the ideal choice for their research project, which had stringent requirements for material stability, temperature conductivity, and chemical stability.

Advantages of alumina ceramic crucible

  • High refractoriness: Alumina ceramic crucibles can withstand high-temperature heat treatment, and their refractory temperature can usually reach above 1700 degrees Celsius, ensuring no deformation or damage when working at high temperatures.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: Alumina ceramic crucibles have excellent chemical stability and are less corrosive to acids, alkalis, and other chemical reagents, ensuring that they are not affected by chemical substances during sample processing.
  • Good thermal conductivity: Alumina ceramic crucible has good thermal conductivity, which can conduct heat quickly and evenly, ensuring uniform heating of samples at high temperatures.
  • High mechanical strength: Our alumina ceramic crucibles are precision-manufactured, have high mechanical strength, are not easy to break, and can withstand a certain degree of physical impact.
  • Flat inner surface: The inner surface of the crucible is specially treated to ensure more uniform contact between the sample and the crucible, avoiding the situation of the sample sticking or spilling.

Why choose us?

Alumina Ceramic Crucible
Alumina Ceramic Crucible

According to the specific requirements of customers, we can provide alumina ceramic crucibles of different sizes and shapes to meet their experimental needs. The supplier of the crucible factory has been established for 20 years and is trustworthy; good after-sales service ensures that the customer’s crucible is successfully put into use.