Advantage and application of high alumina bricks

High alumina bricks is a commonly used refractory material, which is made of high-purity alumina and alumina-silicate materials.

high alumina bricks
high alumina bricks

Advantages of high alumina refractory bricks

  1. Good high temperature resistance: high alumina refractory bricks can withstand high temperature sintering, so they are widely used in high temperature industrial equipment lining, flue, furnace roof, furnace wall and other parts.
  2. Strong corrosion resistance: high alumina refractory bricks have good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and are suitable for refractory requirements in acidic, alkaline and neutral environments.
  3. Good wear resistance: high alumina fire bricks have good wear resistance and can cope with the wear of high-speed flue gas and solid particles.
  4. Strong cold and heat shock resistance: high alumina brick have good cold and heat shock performance, and can withstand sharp temperature changes without breaking.

Application of high alumina fire bricks

High-alumina bricks are often used in metallurgy, chemical, glass and other industries, such as the lining of high-temperature equipment such as blast furnaces, converters, electric furnaces, and glass kilns, as well as the lining of equipment in corrosive environments such as catalyst reactors and pickling pools.