Successful Cases of Silicon Carbide Products in the Cambodian

Rongsheng Company is a refractory material factory in China that can provide customers with refractory bricks and other refractory materials for high-temperature kilns. Cambodian customers ordered silicon carbide beams, silicon carbide plates, silicon carbide rods, and silicon carbide burners from Rongsheng Waiting for a series of silicon carbide products, here are some specific details of our cooperation.

Cambodian customer introduction

Our Cambodian client is a leading steel manufacturing company headquartered in the capital, Phnom Penh. Known for its efficient, environmentally friendly steel production processes and market leadership in Southeast Asia. The customer saw our product on Google and emailed us through the contact form on the website, and we got in touch.

Cambodian customers purchase silicon carbide products for use

Silicon Carbide Products
Silicon Carbide Products
  1. Silicon carbide beams: used to support and fix materials in the furnace in high-temperature environments to ensure the stability and durability of the furnace structure.
  2. Silicon carbide plate: As a refractory material, it is widely used in furnace walls, furnace roofs, and other parts during the steel smelting process and can withstand high temperatures and corrosion.
  3. Silicon carbide rod: used for stirring and agitation during the smelting process, with high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  4. Silicon carbide burner: used to inject high-temperature gas, completely mix the fuel and oxygen, and improve the furnace temperature and combustion efficiency.

Details in the process of our cooperation

silicon carbide rod
silicon carbide rod

Product customization needs: Customers have certain customization needs for product specifications and requirements. We need to adjust the production line in a timely manner to ensure that the products meet the specific requirements of customers.
Regarding product transportation: We found a number of transportation companies, and through comparison, we selected the most suitable transportation company for our customers to ensure that silicon carbide products can arrive at the location of Cambodian customers on time.

Advantages of Rong Sheng’s silicon carbide products

  • High-quality materials: We use high-quality silicon carbide materials to ensure the stability and durability of the product and ensure its excellent performance in high-temperature environments.
  • Customized services: We are able to provide customized product solutions according to the specific needs of customers to meet the special requirements of different industrial applications.
  • Global logistics network: We have established a complete global logistics network to ensure that products reach customers on time while reducing transportation costs.
  • Professional team: We have an experienced, efficient, and pragmatic professional technical team that can provide customers with all-around, high-quality services and solve the problems of using refractory materials in cooperation.

Feedback from Cambodia Steel Company

silicon carbide plate
silicon carbide plate

Through active communication with customers and efforts to solve problems, we have achieved remarkable cooperation results. Customers have spoken highly of our silicon carbide product quality and service attitude. Especially in terms of product customization, customers have recognized our professionalism and the efficiency of factory production.