Magnesia Chromite Brick Delivered to Finland

In 2023, a batch of magnesia chromite brick will be exported to Finland. The demand for magnesia-chrome bricks in the refractory industry is quite large. The magnesia-chrome bricks of Rongsheng Refractories Co., Ltd. are hot-selling products, and customers are delighted with the production quality.

Application of magnesia chromite brick

Magnesia-chrome refractory bricks are mainly used in industrial equipment and furnaces under high temperatures and corrosive environments. Magnesia chromite bricks are widely used in iron and steel smelting furnaces, petrochemical furnaces, glass melting furnaces, and cement kilns due to their excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

How do Chilean customers get in touch with us?

Through the Google website, the Chilean company discovered Rongsheng Refractories Co., Ltd., and got in touch with us, sending an email to explain the recent demand for magnesia-chrome bricks, hoping that we can quote as soon as possible. The sales manager of RongSheng Refractory Co., Ltd. had several e-mails and telephone exchanges with Chilean customers and communicated with our refractory engineers to give professional suggestions. Finally, the customer determined the indicators of magnesia-chrome bricks.

Contract order confirmation

After business negotiation and technical confirmation, the Chilean company decided to order magnesia chromite bricks from Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. for the protection of its high-temperature furnace and internal structure. The contract amount reached USD 37,580, covering all magnesia-chrome bricks and transportation costs required by the customer.

Magnesia chrome brick production and delivery

magnesia chrome brick production and delivery
magnesia chrome brick production and delivery

After receiving the order, Rongsheng Company will immediately produce and process according to the customer’s requirements. A strict quality control process ensures product quality and performance. After the production was completed, Rongsheng cooperated with the logistics company to arrange the transportation and export procedures of the goods to ensure timely delivery to Chile.

Chilean customer satisfaction

Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. delivered the magnesia chromite bricks on time and provided professional after-sales service. Customers are highly satisfied with Rongsheng’s product quality, delivery punctuality, and professional services. Chile Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. spoke highly of Rongsheng’s professional knowledge and global service capabilities in the field of refractory materials and decided to continue cooperation in future projects.