What is High-Quality Taphole Clay?

Taphole clay is a kind of refractory material used to seal the taphole. There are two types of water gun mud and anhydrous gun mud—large and medium-sized blast furnaces with high top pressure and intense smelting.

Application of taphole clay

  1. Block the iron mouth
  2. Protect hearth
  3. Protect furnace lining
  4. Protection channel wall bricks

What are the quality requirements for tap hole clay?

taphole claytaphole clay
taphole clay

The blast furnace clay should firstly block the taphole well, secondly, ensure that the taphole channel can be opened smoothly when tapping, and the taphole channel formed by it should be smoothly tapped, and thirdly, the taphole should be kept deep enough to protect Hearth, if any function is not up to or not perfect, it may cause accidents.

Features of high-quality taphole clay

tap hole clay
tap hole clay

(1) With good plasticity, it can be smoothly pushed into the tap hole from the mud gun and fill the tap hole channel.
(2) It has quick-drying and quick-hardening properties, hardens in a short period of time, and has high strength.
(3) The opening performance is good so that the taphole can be opened smoothly.
(4) The scouring and erosion performance of high-temperature slag-iron resistance is good. During the tapping process, the aperture of the taphole channel cannot be enlarged due to the scouring of high-temperature molten iron, so as to ensure the stability of molten iron flow.
(5) The volume stability is good, and it has a certain porosity, which ensures that after the taphole channel is blocked, there will be no excessive shrinkage and fracture during the heating process, and the appropriate porosity makes the volatile components in the gun clay It can escape smoothly without cracks, ensuring the sealing of the iron mouth.
(6) No environmental pollution, creating a good working environment for the work in front of the furnace.

Rongsheng Refractories supply high-quality products

Rongsheng Refractories
Rongsheng Refractories

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