What is the function of ceramic rope?

Ceramic rope is a product woven with ceramic fiber as raw material. The product is mainly used as a high-density sealing material. It is widely used in high-heat furnaces and can be used to weave into a web.

Application scope of ceramic rope

ceramic rope
ceramic rope
  1. Heat insulation for various kilns, high-temperature pipes, and containers
  2. Furnace doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, high-temperature furnace door sensitive curtains
  3. Engine and instrument heat insulation, fireproof cable covering materials, high-temperature fireproof materials
  4. Use cloth for thermal insulation covering, high-temperature expansion joint filler, and flue lining

Ceramic fiber rope advantages

  1. The continuous-use temperature can reach 1050°C, and the former can reach 1260°C in a short time.
  2. It has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance to molten metals such as aluminum and zinc.
  3. Good high-temperature strength and thermal insulation performance.
  4. Non-toxic, harmless, and odorless.

Why ceramic fiber rope has fire-resistant insulation effect?

ceramic fiber
ceramic fiber

The reason why ceramic fiber rope can achieve fire-resistant insulation effect is mainly because the heat transfer capacity of the fiber is relatively poor, and it does not have a very clear direction when it is handed over. If we are exposed to heat, it will When producing products, they are also delivered along the fibers. Moreover, when the fiber comes into contact with the hot area, it is rarely in vertical contact, which makes it difficult for heat to be transferred to the fiber. Another reason is that the fiber is opaque. Now the fiber cannot be transmitted after all. Moreover, the area of the fiber is very small, and the radiation it contacts is relatively small. In this case, the thermal radiation will not be transmitted on the fiber. There is a lot of gas inside the fiber for the heat transfer field. After each fiber is intertwined, many air chambers will be formed, so that it will be filled with still air.