Ceramic Paper Sold to Egypt

Ceramic paper is exported to Egypt, where the industrial sector in Egypt has a growing demand for high-temperature refractory materials. Ceramic fiber paper is widely used in industrial fields as a lightweight, high-temperature refractory insulation material.

What is the ceramic paper used for?

ceramic paper
ceramic paper

Ceramic paper is a heat-insulating refractory material, mainly used in high-temperature refractory kilns, and can be used in backing and expansion joints in the steel industry, kilns in the ceramic industry kilns, and melting pools in the glass industry. The backing is insulated and the burner is fast.

Egyptian ceramic fiber paper customer introduction

The Egyptian client we are working with is a company that has been operating in the industrial field for many years, focusing on providing high-quality refractory materials and engineering solutions. They have a wide customer base in Egypt and cooperate with many industrial furnace industries, such as steel, aluminum, petrochemical, etc.

Cooperate with Egyptian customers

How to make contact?

The customer entered our website through the Google browser, browsed our company’s refractory materials, and sent us a message through the website mailbox. After we received the email from this Egyptian customer, our sales manager immediately contacted the customer.

Discussion on heat-resistant paper  technology

After the initial contact, we inquired about the customer’s needs and the specific situation of the refractory products already needed. The Egyptian customer said that they are purchasing ceramic fiber paper recently. We introduced the performance, specifications, production process, and quality control measures of high-temperature refractory paper to the Egyptian customer. Customers have expressed trust in the technical strength and product quality of Chinese companies.

Send ceramic fiber paper sample for confirmation

heat-resistant paper
heat-resistant paper

In order to ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements, Rongsheng Refractory Factory provided a batch of heat-resistant paper samples to the Egyptian customer for testing and evaluation. The customer conducted laboratory tests and field verification on the samples, and the results showed that the quality and performance of the samples met their requirements.

The two parties negotiate the contract

After confirming that our product is very high-quality ceramic fiber paper, we started to discuss the contract details including the packaging of ceramic fiber paper, delivery time, quantity, payment method, and trade terms. After a week of communication, we finally signed the contract for heat-resistant paper.

Rongsheng refractory supplier after-sales service

ceramic fiber paper delive
high-temperature refractory paper delivery

After the high-temperature refractory paper was shipped, we notified the Egyptian customer in time and continued to keep in close contact with the Egyptian customer after delivery. And provide technical guidance during use to ensure that customers can proceed smoothly during use.

Our Egypt Clients

Rongsheng refractory supplier has cooperated with Egyptian customers many times. Our zirconium silicate powder, fireproof insulation paper, and refractory bricks have been exported to Egypt and have received good feedback. Our engineers have also visited Egypt many times for guidance. We are very happy to cooperate with Egyptian customers. During the visit to customers in Egypt, we also had friendly exchanges.

What are other ceramic fiber insulation products?

In addition to fireproof insulation paper, ceramic fiber insulation products also include ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber boards, ceramic fiber ropes, and ceramic fiber cloth. Rongsheng Refractory factory can provide the above ceramic fiber products.