Canadian customers purchase ceramic fiber products

In April 2024, our ceramic fiber products were successfully exported to Canada. The products purchased by customers include ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber tapes, and unshaped refractory castables.

Canadian customer introduction

The client is a Canadian company specializing in industrial furnace equipment maintenance, and its business covers the steel, aluminum, and other industries. They need a large amount of ceramic fiber products for thermal insulation, insulation, and lining of industrial furnaces.

What products are exported to Canada?

Ceramic fiber blankets: Customers purchased a large number of ceramic fiber blankets for heat preservation and insulation in industrial furnaces.
Ceramic fiber tapes: The customer also purchased a batch of ceramic fiber tapes for sealing and securing industrial equipment.
Castable: The customer purchased a certain amount of castable to repair and line industrial furnaces.

Feedback from Canadian customers after using

ceramic fiber tape
ceramic fiber tape

For thermal insulation, sealing, fixing, and repair, customers use our ceramic fiber product in different parts of industrial furnaces, including furnace walls, furnace tops, furnace bottoms, etc. These products can effectively improve the thermal efficiency of equipment, extend the service life of equipment, reduce energy consumption, and have won unanimous praise from customers.