Advantages of low cement castables

Low cement castables have a lower cement content than ordinary refractory castables. The castable is made of refractory aggregate and powder as raw materials and then added with binder and additives. The binder used is basically aluminate cement. The amount of cement added to the castable will affect the overall performance, high-temperature Strength and corrosion resistance, etc., so low-cement, ultra-low-cement castables have more excellent performance.

low cement castables
low cement castables

Low-cement castables have excellent fire resistance

Low cement castable performs well in high-temperature environments. Due to the low cement content, other refractory aggregates and additives in the castable become the main support and solidification structure, providing excellent fire resistance. This makes low-cement castables suitable for applications requiring high refractory properties, such as high-temperature kiln linings, furnaces, heat treatment equipment, etc.

Good thermal shock stability

Low cement castables have higher thermal shock stability. Due to the lower cement content, the stress and shrinkage during the curing process are smaller, which reduces the thermal stress caused by temperature changes, thereby improving the thermal shock stability of the castable and reducing the risk of cracking.

Excellent construction performance

Low-cement castable has good flowability and plasticity, which is convenient for construction operations. Compared with high-cement castables, its lower cement content makes the castables easier to pump, pour and form, improving construction efficiency.

low cement refractory castables
low cement refractory castables

Strong wear resistance

Low cement refractory castables are usually added with wear-resistant aggregates and wear-resistant additives to make them have excellent wear resistance. This makes low cement refractory castable perform well in some applications requiring high wear resistance, such as iron and steel smelting equipment, cement kilns, refractory paving, etc.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Due to the low cement content in the formula of low cement refractory castable, the use of cement is relatively reduced. This helps to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact and meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.